Test Data Management (TDM) helps to optimize and automate processes that create and manage non-production environment data. The challenges like unavailability of Test data, Data quality, Data storage are pretty much common across all projects. The CP-TDM training helps you build effective, efficient testing strategies to rapidly identify problems reducing the risks that flawed test data and inaccuracies introduce, leading to application failure. It helps to improve every stage of the application testing process. Also, the audit and regulations related to PII (Personally identifiable information) and its protection, are today’s imminent needs.

This will help to implement data masking solutions at an enterprise level and will enable you implement your compliances strategy for regulations like GDPR, HIPPA, SOX and FDA etc. The training covers all the services and aspects of TDM using the most popular tools and methods.

Learn the latest techniques and tools in Test Data Management and get certified. The training covers the following topics with 100% hands-on Lab exercises:

  • TDM Overview
  • Data Masking
  • Data Generation
  • Data Sub-setting
  • Data Archiving and Restoration

The Users data management rules in Application testing are getting more stringent day by day and a solid Test Data Management strategy is must have for every organization.

Noncompliance of GDPR will lead to penalty of 4% of annual turnover or Euro 20 million whichever is higher.

Noncompliance of HIPPA can lead to penalty of $100 to $5000 per violation and even conviction

How is it useful?

Challenges like unavailability of test data, Poor Data quality, data storage are pretty much common across all projects. Lack of Test data results into challenges of test execution for key test scenarios. Regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, an understanding of PII (Personally identifiable information) and its protection, are today’s imminent needs.

This course introduces participants to the principles of test data management including recap of database and warehouse concepts. It starts with the need of test data, planning for test data, analysis of available data for different types of testing vis a vis available test environment. Participants are then introduced to data generation, masking, anonymization, profiling, sub-setting in depth to understand its significance and details.

The course emphasizes on practical implementation. It will help to understand real world problems and find their optimum solutions. There will be dedicated hands on lab exercises on any one TDM Tool for Data masking, Data Generation, sub setting. Candidates will be able to design a Test data approach and implement TDM solutions at an enterprise level.

With the case studies, we will explain in a real-life project scenario, how to analyze a given TDM case/ problem, decide the possible TDM solution/s (masking/ generation or other based on type of requirement), estimate efforts, designing and executing the planned solution.

Am I Eligible ?

1. Good understanding of database concepts.

2. Need to have an experience/ exposure in Software Development life cycle

3. Interest and motivation to build a career as a Test Data Management Professional.

Duration ?

CP-TDM is designed specifically for corporate and working professionals alike. If you are a corporate you can opt for either 5 half days course or 3 days course followed by an examination. If you are a working professional opt for 3 days course followed by an examination.

Hardware Pre-requisites

Participants should preferably carry their own laptops (BYOD) with at least 4-8 GB RAM. In case of not having a laptop, participants may have to use available shared desktops

Course Handouts

1. Participants will be given a handbook of working with a leading TDM tool.

2. Participants will be given course notes and lab exercise handouts.

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